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there's nothing keeping me here

Right. Got my "raise" - what a crock. Not even worth it, since I think it put me over into the next tax bracket.... I'll be effectively getting a pay cut due to taxes instead.


To add insult, to injury, the 'team lead' (I use the term loosely) told me the reason I didn't get a higher rating (I was 2nd highest) was that I didn't do (stuff I did).

Uh huh.

To further the fun, they then proceeded to send an email to me telling me they needed me to do (stuff I did) for this current project, and continued by saying it's stuff like that (that they somehow think I didn't do) that will help my rating next time.

Yeah, uh huh... yeah, uh huh... uh huh.. mmm, yeah.

They're basically helping me decide to leave - being that they personify the things I dislike about working for a large corporation. My basic standpoint here is that I worked inhumane hours and demonstrated complete loyalty - and I get nothing for it. Therefore, there is no reason for me to work inhumane hours or act loyal - there's obviously no reward.

So yeah... I'm leaning more towards leaving, maybe going into manual labor or something... anything that involves leaving work at work. This IT stuff just isn't worth it. That means moving to a cheaper place and not spending so much $. It's one thing to have a shitty job and hate it... But to have a "good" job and hate it....

I'm being whiny. Perhaps overreacting. If something doesn't change Real Soon Now, I forsee quitting.

Also sat for awhile with Directors today... Skip Level meeting, was mildly interesting. Taz was there as well.

There was a thank you meeting for the previous release with the VP, but by the time I got out of the other meeting, I wasn't in the mood for it. There were also two other gatherings I missed... I ended up coming home to polish off my leftover Thai and nap.

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