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Sunday, take 2

Right, so I did end up going back to bed where it was nice and warm and sleeping a bit longer.

Now I'm up, and somewhat tempted to sleep the day away. I think I'll have a shower then throw my bedclothes in the wash, that should help prevent that much of it....

The milk for my cereal was a bit off, and my stomach's been mildly complaining... Prolly have to hit the store later for milk n juice.

hmmmm, not up to posting the pics and summary of lasst night's shopping yet. Also kinda wanna wait and see if there's anything else to take pics of today.

order of business:
1. boot dekstop and start a disc burning
2. shower
3. start another disc burning
4. put bedclothes in washer
5. eat
6. veg and do laundry, maybe some light cleaning or something.
7. eventually, get a call from rents and/or oz
8. eventually get a call from Morphine and/or Hunny and head to dinner, prolly thai
9. veg, adult swim
10. sleep

now let's see how well I follow all that.

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