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Mobile Phones

article on /. The comments are worth reading (usually if rated 3+)

I enjoy some of what my mobile gives me - coordination with friends, last-minute plan changes, p2p silent conversation in a crowd, etc... But there are times when I simply turn it off. Same thing with my home phone, I have no qualms about unplugging it if I don't want to be bothered.

There seems to be this stupid social pressure to be available and never turn it off. I figure I need my sleep time, and my "me" time, and my bio time. And I don't want to be talking to anyone during those times. There's no need to answer the phone just because it rings - they have voicemail for a reason.

Another irritating factor is using the phone in movies, meetings, at meals, etc... If you're spending time with family and friends, spend time with them. Don't be wasting their time with someone who's not there. Generally, if someone calls during one of these occasions my ringer is either off or set low so as not to disturb anyone. They leave a message, I call back later. Sometimes, I'll answer it to assess the urgency, then let them know I'm out with others and will call back later. Quick, easy, polite.

And, of course, using while driving. I understand the necessity sometimes - you need directions, or to let people know you're running late, etc... And there are times when talking to someone helps pass the time. However, too many people are gabbing when conditions dictate concentrating on the driving. Rush hours, weather, construction, etc... All of these require extra attention, and someone on the phone simply doesn't have it to spare.

Some of the comments I find ludicrous - people sending SMS with "are you there?" or "are you sleeping?" That's a pet peeve of mine anyways, there's is *NO* reason for a message like that. Either ask what you want to know, or don't. Pretty much every form of communication has a way to send a message that the person will eventually get. So send the message you want them to hear, and skip that stupid extra intro step. I've stopped responding to such queries, whether I'm available when it's sent or not. Much better to say "hey, I'm heading over to chinese for lunch if you're interested" or "we're leaving for the club now."

Have some damn manners, people. That's the real issue - we got the technnology without the manners guide.

Not a bad rant for 8am on a Sunday.

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