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Macross Plus translation sucks ass

I'm fairly sure I've ranted about this before, but it's bad enough to rant again.

Dear Sweet Lord, the Manga Video translation of Macross Plus sucks ass... Major suckage, major ass.

Just as a brief example, the translation of the most beautiful song, Voices, is completely screwey. If you notice the words on the left in Japanese... When listening to the song, I can pick a few out here and there... If you compare just those few to the translation on the DVD, you find they're missing. Now look at the right side translation - those words are, gasp, there. Things like futatsume (second) and kamisama (god) - where the hell did they go in the DVD translation?

Then there's parts of the script that are either missing or completely mistranslated... I can forgive a certain amount, due to the cultural differences - some words and slang is probably better put into an English version instead of translated strictly - but to completely miss the point of what was said is just wrong. They changed too much of the dialogue, and the hearing-impaired comments were way off base as well. It's like they had some other script they were working with, and never took the time to check it against the episode.

If nothing else, there's a metric shit ton of ultra low bass - the menu alone rattles the walls.

Ankh just called, chatted a bit.

I'm a bit restless atm - I'll prolly poke around on the desktop a bit then head out to the store or something. Was invited out to DDR, but I'm not feeling like making the drive.

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