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mmm vcd pr0n

I attempted to relax with the windows open, but it was just too damn cold. Burned some cds off, then set a vcd to encoding/burning...

Chatted briefly with Hunny, then decided I wanted to make lunchtime at Chinese. Took my laptop and digicam. Hunny called when I was on my way, saying they would be there as well... Well, not quite, we briefly discussed the metaphysical aspects of the phrase "We're right behind you."

I showed off my local LJ archive and what I have done for the restaurant. Then I put the laptop away, and we had a nice relaxing time. Roving conversation and lots of tea. Good stuff.

I took a few pics.... Nothing big, really...

Now I'm letting the 2nd vcd encode/burn... I have the comp set to turn off when it's done to both give it a break and signal me that it's done. The first one turned out very well, I tested it out a bit earlier.

Watching Macross Plus now... I was in the mood for something in Japanese, and I've seen it enough times that it doesn't matter if I actually pay attention to it or not.

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