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Well, that's good... I suppose

Started troubleshooting the desktop. Took out the soundcard, disconnected the DVD drive, the floppy drive, and the cuecat.

Viola. Primary Master drive works just fine. So, it seems to be the power supply. Again. And me without canned air to clear it out - that usually fixes it. I'm looking at it, and it's a small 250W PS... The 400W I have prolly isn't going to fit in there without taking off this integral bracket... I may as well just give it up and get a new case like I want to.

I love this case, but... There are so much flashier cases out now. I figure on getting one of those, and using this one as a mod experiment. Or get a cube, even... Dunno if I wanna drop that much on the case tho. Then again, I'm looking at one of those water-cooled cases too... Either way, not cheap. Again, let me put those wants aside until taxes are figured.

Anyway, ATM I'm going ahead and burning some data off my primary drive.. just in case...

Once again, I love having two machines.... so much nicer to be able to let one burn while browsing and such with the other.

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