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4 hours, 2 showers

Rodimus woke me up to remind me of our monthly lunch meeting with RunningBear. I got up, made a post, took a shower, and headed out to Hayward's to meet them. RunningBear was outside on the phone for 30+ minutes whiile Rodimus and I waited. It was otherwise okay.

From there, I headed out to play DDR Extreme. I was pretty much the only person playing, as well as even in the whole place. I wore myself out - they have it set on 5 songs for $0.75 AND joint premium... Amazing. Some of the new songs are interesting, as are the ones from other Bemani games. I especially enjoyed the ones from DMX.

I sat in my car for a little bit after that, just cooling down.. then drove home with the sunroof up and the windows down. I'm gonna have a shower here in a few, then open the windows and air out the place.

I should prolly dig into my comp and figure out what's going on... and call Oz and A back, as well.

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