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rant on expectations

It's a fact, people expect certain things form each other. I'm no different - it disappoints me greatly when my expectation aren't met.

What, exactly, are my expectations? Let's see... For my friends, I have several. I expect a friend to:

  • Always tell me the truth, even if it's something they think I don't want to hear
  • Tell me if something I do or say bothers them, pisses them off, or hurtrs them
  • Take what I say in the light it is meant - constructive criticism and such
  • Not push me too hard if I'm in a down/solitary/dark mood - a gentle push to go out and have fun or similar is fine, but when I appraoch the edge, don't send me over.
  • Know that they can come to me and tell me anything without anyone else ever hearing of it
  • Be aware of our mutual trust and loyalty, and not abuse it
  • Do what they say they are going to do

It's not that big a list, really... Perhaps I've left some things out. It just seems, sometimes, that it's somehow very hard to follow. I will agree that I don't always follow these things either, so it's unfair in some ways to expect it of others. Maybe it's a goal list instead, what I want to work towards. It still sucks/hurts/get me pissed when people don't follow them.

Why oh why does it have to be that way? I love all my friends. They are good people - they have their faults (as do I), but they tend towards being good. What makes them do things which impact me negatively? What makes me do the same to them, am I not also good (or at least lawful netural)?

I think it's probably because friendship, like love, doesn't play by the rules. Intentions aren't actions.

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