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off on my own

lesse... called A about lunch, but they also had the day off... supposed to call me back later. Went to the apt office and picked up my Digicam.. saw M, who I hadn't seen in awhile - they told me the latest gossip, and invited me out to their weekly drunken pool night. Dropped the cam off, grabbed the trash and took it out... Then I was off.

First stop was Funcoland... Ended up trying a bunch of GBA games, and buying Iridion 3D, Fortress, Fire Pro Wresting, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival... and a few more game cases.

Then I wandered over to Target.. Looking for a few items, I almost bought a shelf to put on my computer desk and a CD/DVD tower since my current one is out of room. Didn't end up with anything though.

It was getting ot be time, so I headed to the theater and got my seat for Shanghai Knights. Played GBA until it started. It was passable in parts, and very good in others. I was amazed by the swordplay in the finale... They actually used some style and such. Outtakes were pretty good, but kinda blah compared to earlier films.

Decided to stop by Office Max next.. Didn't find anything, so I went to the Half Price Books there I didn't know about.... Was close to getting a thing or two, but held off. Last stop I made was Bed, Bath, and Beyond.... Waffled over their cd/dvd tower and saw a few other minor items, but ended up without.

I headed home, and was going to stop at Wallyworld, but ended up taking a different route and bypassing it. Avoided as much traffic as I could, and came home. Checked the mail - nada, and got in.... Prepared a sandwich for lunch/dinner and grabbed a beer... now just hanging out online watching Shaden's shindig on cam. Ankh called from New Orleans... that's my 2nd call from there this week..... strange.

Dunno what it is lately, but either I'm projecting something different or I'm noticing reactions more.... It seemed as if I had more smiles from cute people today than I remeber having in quite a long time.

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