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who sez I have to accomplish anything today?

myself, evidently.

the usual up, out, work.... not much to do, just get a few things sent off before my vaca.... called Rodimus for lunch, but ended up going to Chinese alone - it was good. Ended up stopping by CompUSA (AKA the EVIL place) 'just to look' at that $10 usb cam/light thingy. Of course I ended up buying it.

back to work, was bored... took my laptop around with the cam on to show off my new toy... I think I sparked about 1/2 dozen people into getting one... S called from Mardi Gras, and we chatted a bit about things. They asked me if I have an SO yet, which I almost took differently than they probably intended. I figure I'll wait until I see them in person for that, though. They're probably moving in practically next door to me, so that should be fun. Then, they said they're allergic to cats... dammit. Now wtf do I do? I suppose I was gonna wait and see anyways, so...

Dove back into the whole local LJ thing. Damn, I'm good. I've got it up and running and looking exactly like my online version.... Then I added a few things. First, Last, Previous 50, Next 50.... And then, search with search term highlighting... It rocks. I think I'm going to alter the query a bit thought... I think I'd rather have it by date than relevance. I'm tempted to put it all together into a post for a few communities - lj_nifty, php, and databases... dunno if anyone else is interested, though... It's more my own personal exercise.

Figured things were set, went to finally get the proposal Rodimus has been working on submitted to RunningBear.... they took it okay, but had just been chewed by their boss, so it wasn't the best ime. We'll see what happens.

Wasted a bit more time, started packing things up and setting OOO... Went down to chat with Rodimus about the lingering things with the porject.. They gave me a list to work on >_<. So I'll have to get some things done while I'm 'out' otherwise... or at least on Monday. Hawkwind was leaving, as was pretty much everyone else due to the weather. I figured I'd join in, and headed home.

Got home, got the info for the call I had to be on, then caught Shaden on cam and chatted a bit. Did the call, browsed around, watched/chatted Shaden a bit more.. Ate dinner and decided to forget the weather, I wanted to go out and do some PIU. Got dressed for that and headed out... Weather was a bit tricky, but not too bad. Hit the place, and saw they raised the price to $1.25 a game, WTF? Not worth it really, so I only played one game, used up my tokens, and left. The way back was much slicker. Glad I decided to do it early.

I forgot to get to the apt office before it closed, so I don't have my digicam back yet. I'll have to pick it up tomorrow instead. I've got vague plans...

Reading those old journal entries of mine is scary in many ways... I didn't think I was coming across like I thought I was... or something like that.

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