Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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what a difference a nap makes

Ate dinner... and felt... very.... very...... sleeeepy....

Napped for a bit, woke up to some telemarketer's phone call and Conquest on History Channel.

Then, someone lit a fire under my ass. I got up and vacuumed and organized and cleaned and threw crap out and all that.

Total Free Space: 15.18 of 99.97GB [15%]. I'm running out of HD space... Actually turned the desktop on and burned some CDs for ppl. Need to get to organizing and burning stuff off to disc and all that, but... am leeching atm.

Nailed up the 'work bent' sign. Found the spring clip for my webcam so it'll hang on tight to my laptop now. Considering getting that webcam/light thingy currently on sale at $10 after rebate.. wth, eh?

Looks like I'm ready to send out the hub and the rex... Still need buyers for the Lynx, the Palm, the Laser Tag, the RC Car, the NES, and a few other things lying about.

I'm still kinda amazed at that energy burst... Perhaps I'll actually get things done this week.

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