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um yeah

lesse... what all happened.... uh...

Got up early, got to work later than I expected... ah well. Shuffled emails around until lunch, couldn't find Rodimus, so left for Chinese. Rodimus called just as I was pulling up. Went in, got tea, and waited. They arrived, had a relaxing lunch... 3 pots of tea.

Went back to work, ended up having a stand up bs session for an hour or so with the team, based on the stupidity of relocation. And other stupidities as well.

Got the XML from LJBackup into my MySQL db, and it's displaying now.. just need to add LJ style formatting and a search function...

Trying to figure out how to use Access to export from MSSQL server db, do a query, and import into a different MSSQL db.... doesn't look pretty for multiple tables.

Then discussed a few things with coworker, then Hawkwind... including getting Wed -> Fri off. Yay.

Headed out to the store to buy food, then the apt office to see about them overcharging me - they agreed, and my next next charge will be much less. Also got the new door code to the hot tub... haven't been there in awhile. Oh, checked for my camera, but it wasn't in yet.... prolly tomorrow.

Came home to veg and catch up online...

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