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End of Fuugi

Went to dinner with Morphine and Hunny and Rodimus and S... Thai, was good.

Didn't go to the store, I figure I'll do that tomorrow. Did stop to drop the trash I had left in my trunk.

Finished Eikoden. I'm glad to be done with it. It was... okay, I suppose.

What the hell is with this thing? They take all the things they resolved and opened them all up, and still didn't address any of the lingering plot and holes they left to begin with. Characters coming back as children? Please. Then, conveniently growing up? Oh come on. And the sudden turning of the gods, not even addressing the fact they were weak as hell... WTF?

Better than it ended where it did to begin with, this is a sad followup.

Then there's the technical issues. CG for CG's sake... And they still took shortcuts and resused footage! Freaking decide, people. The opening and closing songs suck - they in no way compare to the original ones. The fact that the chapter marks are stupidly misplaced, as well. And, the set-up menu doesn't work unless I hit stop first.

Anyway... Guess I'll poke around a bit online, veg to Adult Swim or something, finish the laundry, make the bed, and crash.

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