Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu

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about bloody time

just finished FY TV at last...

I still say they trivialized deaths to a great extent. There were just too many that weren't given due consideration. Not to mention the glossing over of the politics and intrigue of the situations...

I also have issues with plot holes, the recycling of footage, the overuse of stills, cop outs, useless characters, and plenty of interesting events that should have been explored further.

However, I think I did enjoy it overall. I'm interested to see what's in Eikoden. I liked the stories behind the characters, their motivations and such... More time devoted to those would have been nice.

I still haven't had a beer yet, maybe that's why I'm still awake. Time to remedy that, I think.

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