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I did take a nap... It's really strange to be so disoriented in the evening because it's dark, but people are moving and such in the house. Usually I have the house to myself at night.

Had some leftovers for dinner, then chatted a bit with Chichi about CD burning. He wrote this last disc at 1x with simulation on, so it was a 2 hour ordeal.. ugh...

Not much else new. They added a rental car to my travel plans for mon, which will be nice, I should be on my own except for the designated interview times. The only problem is that I don't know exactly which building/floor/etc they are in... I'll have to make sure to take phone numbers with me so I can call when I get there if I don't hear back anything before then.

I was hoping for more comments on my pictures, although I understand they weren't the easiest things to get to. Ah well.

I kinda feel like going out tonight, but I also don't feel very motivated. Which describes a night at Jingoro's, really.. I wonder what they're up to... Hmm...

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