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damn, my feet hurt... I wonder if I overdid DDR the other day in more ways than I realized. At least my breathing seems to be more or less back to normal....

Dunno why I'm awake now... Woke up and figured I'd check in online before heading back... I may even grab breakfast as well...

The schedule for the day is - Eat , Sleep, Eat, Veg. Other than that, I've got nothing for sure. I want to try to finish FY today if I have the chance... But if something else comes up, I'll do that instead.

My digicam should be back soon... can't wait to have it available - not that I would have used it much anyways, but still...

Chichi sent me that book and pocket guide about stress.... At this point, I can't seem myself reading them... They'll just sit there like most of the books they've bought for me. Nonfiction just doesn't interest me.... And I haven't been reading much anyway. Still need to finish The Prince and start that Gundam novel I got the other day.

It seems as if more and more lately my feet have no circulation. They just turn into blocks of ice if I don't have socks on.

I should sort through my mail and bills, make sure I don't overlook anything else - I missed a credit card payment /: Also need to figure out if I'll have enough to get that laptop and still be on track to pay off my car when the lease ends.... I'm a bit worried about taxes, I should start on them.

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