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FY rant

you know, I think I nailed down what irritates me so much about FY...

It's the fact that they deal with some really deep subjects... and then trivialize them. Yui's rape, Tamahome's family being killed, Amiboshi's death, etc... and then immediately turn to humor and the characters all forget everything.

I mean, come on... There's no reason to have these high drama plot points with deep subjects if they avoid the issues and slap some humor over them... and then everything's fine. True, Miyaka is an idiot to this point... but still. I get annoyed that she hasn't grown up yet, despite all these events. Something should have sunk in by now, and it appears as if nothing has. Is she really that stupid? Someone should beat a clue into her.

Maybe I just want the suffering and such to continue... maybe I want Nakago to control the world like he's obviously planning to... and then all the Suzaku and Konan people will just die. That might be the better ending for me at this point. I'm just not sure I can stand another 20+ eps to find out for sure.

OTOH, I do appreciate the fact that the series keeps demonstrating what happens when people don't communicate. Miyaka, Tamahome, Yui... It would all have gone so much more smoothly if they'd just talked about things before getting all pissed off.

While I'm at it... WTF is with cutting the first DVD box off right where Tamahome walks in to discover his family dead? And then leaving the summary episode as the 2nd or 3rd on the first disc of the 2nd box? I understand wanting to split it into equal parts, but come on... The series logically splits itself at a different point than they used.

Anyway, that's about enough of that.

Got to work, did a few things... worked on some code... sat on a call.. sat in a meeting... went to Chinese for lunch with Rodimus... did a little more work... worked on personal projects.. talked parts with Jingoro...

Came home, ate, and then decided to go ahead and do DDR. Good idea. It was snowing, but I went anyways. Enjoyed it immensely, I missed it.

Came home, showered, and now just vegging. Gonna try to finish at least this FY disc I think.

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