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up, to work... had jack all to do, so I watched Sealab and misc anime eps for awhile... then Rodimus came by, so I packed my stuff and we headed to J's for lunch. Then I came home and had a nap. Wasn't feeling too good, but I was headed to the doc anyways, right?

Got to the doc's office, and they said "um, no. NEXT tues is when you're appt is." I was a bit annoyed, as they had left out that little detail when I asked yesterday... so I sat around for a bit waiting while they looked up an appt with any doc in any office... Found one for a few hours later across town.

Morphine and Hunny arrived about the time I got that set, and we took off to their Idoc for stuff... Played around a bit with various sunglasses and frames, then scouted out the other doc office for me - I left the stuff I needed in my car, not thinking we'd head there straight off, so we ended up circling back around to grab it. Then back to the doc, where we were early.

I filled ou the red tape, I mean paperwork, then sat and waited. Morphine took care of the pup and Hunny and I chatted. They finally called me back about an hour late, took my weight and blood pressure, and then I was left to sit and wait for the doc. Doc comes in, I explain what I need, and they take me over to the lab and turn me over to them.

Lab person was very nice, if a bit slow. I suppose being slow and methodical is a very good thing for lab work. They got all the labels and such straight, and then went for the needle... asked me if I was okay, and I replied negative. They set up the table, and I just lay there while they did it all - wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated. Was over pretty quick, too - 4x10mL worth. They got it all packed up and cautioned me to take it to a place inside - the blood would freeze and render the samples useless if left outside overnight. Called the shipping co, but all lines were busy.

We headed over to Chinese for dinner - my treat, since they drove all over creation and such. Was nice, had to take the blood in - kinda funny to take a biohazard labeled container into a restaurant. Had leftovers, brought them home.

Shaden had IMed, so chatted a bit and watched them on cam. Brief chats with Yakumo, Morphine, and Hunny as well. Trying to get through this FY disc at least tonight, but keep getting distracted. The bandaid sucked to take off, but it's done.

Having a beer and some chips, finishing this FY disc, and maybe taking a shower before bed. I looked up the drop locations, and will take the blood in on my way to work in the am, hopefully one of them is open.

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