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right, that was annoying

chatted a bit... ended up going out for dinner to Old Chicago with Hunny and Morphine... Asked the waitperson for their phone number, but was denied... ah well. continued on to Half Price Books.. Ended up finding 2 MS Gundam 08th discs, a Chow Yun Fat flick I didn't own yet, and a MS Gundam novel I thought I'd try... Oh yeah, and the "Work Bent" tin sign I've been eyeing for over a year.

Came home to veg and chat a bit, ended up finally getting Cletus on my list. Then started watching the last 2 Evangelion discs. I'm not impressed, and not just because the first part of End of Eva is Rebirth is all over again.... I liked the other ending better, really. This seemed to take too much longer to basically say the same thing, and lots most of the surreal charm the other one had. Oh well. Now at least I'm caught up on that.

Eh, dunno... Guess I'll just veg to whatever is on tv then crash - tho I'm feeling restless still. Prolly just dreading work in the morning.

Oh yeah, the snow... freaking snow made it really slick out, crappy weather to be out in... hopefully they plow and such overnight so it's not as bad in the morning... I think I'll use that as an excuse to go in a bit later.

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