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Yeah, I'm back. Got my wish, I suppose... Or was it a necessity? Was sitting at work about 3pm on Tues and realized I had jack all to do for the rest of the week. Went to the coworker and then the boss, who both approved my being out, so I got a few things taken care of for Rodimus thanks to Morphine and headed home to pack, then leave.

Stopped at Chinese to work on the project for Rodimus and have a good meal before the trip.. and delay a bit so I didn't hit rush hour through the triangle. Left around 6, made pretty good time. Arrived at Ankh's around 2am local time.

Next day, went to visit RedneckNinja... got there in time to head out with their work crew to a pizza dive for lunch, RN paid. Headed back to their place and took a nap before starting to work on the project. They came home, and we went out to Rafferty's for dinner. Good steak, strange night.... Then out for beer before heading back to watch some DVDs. Last Hurrah For Chivalry was first, followed by The Bride With White Hair. We also had one of those drunken early morning half asleep conversations which are always so interesting....

Got up the next day, packed my stuff, and went out with their work crew again - to Hooters this time. They were running some special, and it was all 20% off... and one of the coworkers paid. Left after lunch.

Headed to Ankh's... Finished up the project and attempted to upload it, but I couldn't get a connection. Went to Union Jack for dinner, then came back to watch Bullets Of Love before crashing. Between the cat and the dog, it was hard to sleep.

Decided to visit Jingoro next, so headed up there. They were in class, so I called Yakumo... They were heading into town to get some things for a job app, so I figured I'd just hang out and wait for them. Jingoro called back, so I picked them up and took them to their car, then headed to their place. Yakumo showed up not too long after.

We hung around chatting and such for awhile, showing off toys and all that. Shaden IMed and had the cam on, so Jingoro turned their cam on and we sat around chatting and looking for files and such for awhile. Shaden went offline for a bit, and we were all hungry, so we went to Bright Moon and had some Chinese... Sat around and talked for quite a bit before heading back.

Futzed around for a bit, chatted with Shaden a bit more while they were waiting, then headed out to Karaoke. Karaoke was interesting, but fun. Ended up drinking quite a bit of beer, and pitched in for the 4th or 5th pitcher... Helped the KJ load up and headed back to Jingoro's. Got there about the same time Shaden got back from the club, which was amusing. Talked and swapped files and such... Checked with Tigger about visiting, but they were going to be busy. Watched the first ep of Hellsing, and then crashed. We were all really beat for some reason.

I woke up kinda early, and realized it would be a waste to piddle around with such a drive looming, so I packed and left. It was raining for roughly half the drive, with a little snow mixed in now and then. Very windy as well, but I made it before worse weather broke.

Ankh called as I was pulling up to check the mail. Got in, and Shaden and Hunny were online. Chatted a bit. Hunny went off with the dog, and Shaden went to nap. Tigger also popped on to say hi. I had some ramen to stave off the hunger, and have been vegging. Prolly have to head out somewhere to eat soon.

In all, not a bad trip. It seems to have helped my attitude.... Tho now I've got that post-trip depression trying to set in.

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