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Well, I finally figure it was time to get up for the day... Looked at the clock, and panicked. I was after 1:00pm. I had scheduled an interview and contract signing thing at 2:00pm. So I rushed thru the shower, got online to check my mail and get the directions to the place... And wouldn't you know it? They weren't there. This indicates to me that the person I was talking to, who went home early yesterday due to illness, didn't come into work today. So I sent them a message stating that since I hadn't heard from them, I was figuring they weren't at work today and get well soon. Yay.

So I have a few calls to field a bit later today, but I can still relax and have breakfast in the meantime. I also may go out to the library and pick up the copy of Orson Scott Card's _Ender's Shadow_ that's on reserve for me. I'll be done with _The Diamond Age_ today, with any luck.

Hmmm, I can't think of anything else important to put up here... I don't feel quite like ranting yet, so I'll save that up for later.

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