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At last, I found my CueCat and hooked it up to my desktop via PS2 port for ReaderWare to use...

And it works! Beautifully! I scanned in a few books as a test, ran them through the web process, and viola! A nice DB of books. Ran another set through, then queued up a couple shelves worth... Currently, those are processing. Once those are done, I'd say I'll have about 110 books cataloged. It only takes a few seconds per book for input. Granted, there have been some errors... And I've had to manually type in a few ISBN's... But it's nothing compared to manually typing in ALL the info for ALL the books.

I'll have to figure out the export from rw/import to mysql after that... Or perhaps queue up more books... Or even move on to CDs... Not sure yet.

What didn't work was hooking the stupid thing up to my laptop... Evidently, it can't handle a passthru device on the PS2 port while trying to use built-in kb/eraser. Ah well, it's not that big a deal to bring them all over to the comp desk instead of bringing the laptop to them.

Just got a call from work - looks like 10am test start tomorrow. BAH. I'll prolly have to log on around 9am and all that. *Xfingers and pleads to whatever forces move the universe* my hope is that I can knock the test out in about an hour, and be done for the weekend.

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