Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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I ended up getting about an hour of sleep. It helped get me up, shower, and in to work.

Once here, it fell apart pretty fast. I feel like utter crap. That's not whining, but a statement of fact.

Trying to do work, but it's slow on my end - hard to think. Solved some issues when I first got in, but now I'm bogged down.

Rodimus came by to ask about lunch... I'd like to, but the thought of food does not seem good atm.

I did manage to realize that a credit card statement is valid proof of purchase for my digicam, so I looked mine up online and printed it to send in the package.

It seems whatever was in my throat has moved to my stomach, and is angry at the fact. Have draining sinuses to make it all the more fun.

Think I'll see if I can at least go home around lunchtime. And stay there.

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