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so.. found something to keep me occupied...

Updated the stuff with genres and urls, and removed a few fields that were meant to be private in the first place. I love IMDB... Although searching for all those HK titles was a pain... and they didn't seem to have a few of them (tho they may have just been hidden from the way I searched).

Hmm... Wonder if I should do CDs, Books, VHS, PSX, DC, Lynx, RPG, or other stuff next? It looks like I'll be doing everything manually instead of trying to get/use ReaderWare. I don't mind too much - I want to have everything in a format I understand, etc... It's just tedious work to input all the titles, etc by hand and look up urls to cut/paste.

I also have more coding to do.. and I know I need to add even more fields to the db... also considering some relational tables to allow for multiple genres per entry, etc. It's so nice and simple now, though.. I almost hate to clutter it up with all that.

Hmm, need to update the CSS as well, yellow/red on black just doesn't do it for me anymore.

Ah well, suppose I'll take some pills and try to sleep again.

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