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It Lives

Pretty boring so far... Had some strange dream about being back in high school and having my car towed and a $2000 fine because of how I entered the parking lot that morning. My first college roommate was there, and his car had been towed as well. Very strange.

RedneckNinja stayed home this weekend, so nada there.... I dunno, I may have to go to Ankh's tonight, since supposedly we'll be going to pick up L pretty early in the morning anyways.

Chichi and Haha leave for FL early morning Sat, 7-something am flight. That'll be nice.

I need to work on repacking clothes today. Also need to get out the interview clothes and prepare for Mon. What a fun day.

I've long since given up daily DDR, I hope to pick that back up after I move. And I've got boxes of stuff all over the weight bench, so can't do that, either. I ended up just doing some crunches last night to get my XR Size in.

HR sent me an application.. I just filled one out last week, and it's 8 pages... Bleh

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