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they don't pay me to think

my shift so far has consisted of waiting for idiot to get off the machine so I could start, listening to them ramble uselessly for a bit, finding an error, and starting a 12 hour test. Why? because that's the last thing we were doing - I sent out a status email saying I started it, and no one said anything different. Then Hawkwind emails me a bit ago asking how many more, etc. The truth of the matter is that we're running things on the request of others, who have reprioritized what we're doing - if they want me to stop this and do something else, they'll have to tell me so. I'm too out of it to try mindreading at this point. They wanted to throw warm bodies at the problem, so that's what they get.

Spent quite awhile discussing some things that had been on my mind with Hunny via ICQ, until they were too zoned to chat anymore. Quite informative, I find our discussions a nice mix of deep thoughts and fun stuff.

So the whole day has pretty much been spent on the couch. Fajitas in a bag for lunch/dinner. Did some XR size and laundry is in progress.. tried to veg to TV, but there's nothing much interesting on.

I successfully walked RedneckNinja through fdisk, reformat, and win2k installation last night.... I'm not quite sure how, really - it was all from memory and I was mostly out of it.

I went out to get rid of trash and get beer last night, and ended up with Honey Brown and Smirnoff Ice Triple Black - I've never tried that one, so figured WTF, eh?

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