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I just knew

I hesitated to go to sleep.... Sure, I was out of it/tired... but I knew the person on the night/morning shift was gonna run into something and call me instead of following directions.

Thankfully, they waited to call me until after 7am so I was able to get some sleep. But they are, as expected, an idiot who can't follow directions. I tend to wonder if they slept through the start of their shift, then woke up and said 'oh shit, I'd better call someone so they know I'm working.'

It just amazes me how people can't follow directions. I know they've never done this before, but damn... Follow directions and you can do it on your own - if you don't follow them, what's the point of having you covering a shift for us? The whole point is so that the rest of us can get some sleep and have some small semblance of non-work time in our week. Having them call for every little thing negates that advantage. Besides, the other person who covered yesterday morning had questions - but they called me well before their shift so that they wouldn't have to bother anyone when their shift started.

So I'm awake.. Having breakfast.. Heading back to bed to see if I can get some sleep. I work 1-11 today, which isn't too bad I suppose... We'll just have to see what happens during it.

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