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I suppose it can be said that I'm finding out more and more about how far I can be pushed. I'm not, however, happy to receive this.

I worked solid from 1-6pm today. I may be working again as early as midnight, or as late as 6am. What a crock. The only time I wasn't working is when RunningBear pulled everyone in for a meeting, and I was informed that it was higher priority than meeting the 5pm deadline I had in progress. It ended up being a waste of time.

I'm really sick of being insulted at every turn. I may have too much personal pride in my work. Being pulled out of what I'm doing, which is trying to make a deadline, so RunningBear can go on and on about how the rest of the team needs to 'wind down' and 'take care of personal matters' and such is COMPLETE BS. They kept going on 'I know y'all won't be working this weekend, and shouldn't have much to do for the next 3 weeks or so...' ummm, hello? Then WTF am I doing preparing to work 10+ hours shifts at odd times all weekend, plus 10+ hours in on-call status? It's completely insulting. I've put up with too much of it for too long.

Our team had a little chat about that, and we're all right at our limits. We've all mentioned going postal or quitting. IS THIS NOT A SIGN?!?!


In any case, I went to Chinese once I was done. Rodimus, S, Hunny, Morphine were there. I sat elsewhere, alone, and tried to relax and deal a bit. Ate my appetizers and a little of my meal before getting a box and heading home.

Now I've got to occupy the hours either sleeping, vegging, or... something. It would have been better had I had time to complete what I was doing beforehand... or at least get things to a comfortable point so all I'd have to do is kick things off. No sense worrying about what should have happened, I guess. It just grates on me. I don't think this is going to be successful, but I do think we'll all be wasting our whole weekend for nothing.

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