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Another wave of lethargy hits. I prolly have time for a short nap before heading in to work finally.

I managed to sleep pretty well after tossing and turning. I suppose once I got there, sleep was good. It was getting there that was the hard part.

I was watching Nova on PBS - it was the first half of the battle of the X planes, the second half of which I had seen the other day. Very interesting stuff. Talk about high pressure projects... But it suddenly just.. stopped. I don't know if the credits ran or not, I was browsing other channels to find an alternate if it got boring... when I switched back, the local channel logo was on.

Reset the alarm after it went off to give more sleep time... Actually got back pretty deep asleep before it went off again. Managed to get up, showered, and out pretty much on the timeline I wanted. Didn't eat, tho.

The Idoc's office opened about 3 mintues after I got there... I swear, I can't help but be early to that place for some reason. Didn't have to wait too long, being the first one of the day. Everything's kosher. 20/15 pretty easily this time. Next appt in 3 more months.

Headed over to the store, grabbed some foodstuff. Came home, ate breakfast, and got online to see what's up. Chatting with Hunny. Rodimus called about lunch.

I think I'll nap for a few, then head out to work by 1. I have a few things to accomplish there, then I can come home and try not to sleep until later in the evening.

I may go to DDR on Thurs, not sure yet. I'd like to get out to check 8th mix out, but will prolly settle for 7th if I go. Motivation is hard to come by, I'm still unsettled from the past few weeks... it's hard to justify going out if I don't have to.

My last DVD set should arrive sometime today. Need to hold back on purchases for awhile, let the cards clear. Besides, I've got hours and hours of stuff to watch still.

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