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sleep to wake ratio

I've been struggling to stay awake all day. Wanted to give in this morning and just sleep in, I was in deep sleep mode when the alarm went off. I know I kept yawning all through the day.

Lunch with boss at Hayward's, which was okay. The food wasn't up to usual standards, but they paid.

Had a bitchfest in the afternoon with boss and Hawkwind. Everybody was stating how many hours they'd been working, etc.

Came home at 4 or so. Checked what little I could online, since things were being flaky. Then slept - or tried to with all the phone calls. Woke up and vegged to History Channel and made fajitas. Called Oz back and chatted for a bit.

Faded away again, knowing better. Slept on the couch for a bit, then tried to switch to bed.. Of course that didn't work, so I'm up now.

Not going into work in the am, have an Idoc appt that I'm using as the reason to not show up until afternoon. Will prolly hit the store after doc to refill food supplies and such. Then a bit of work, perhaps. I have some reports to finish. I also need to ask Hawkwind about reciprocal time and billing it, and maybe give some feedback to RunningBear.

It's interesting how conversation with some people is forced, while it flows naturally with others.

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