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the demostrated value

I suppose it could be considered quite flattering and secure, job-wise, to have your boss (Hawkwind) personally come to your door to wake you up because you haven't responded to their calls. And they "need" your help.

I was in DEEP SLEEP, unaware of anything, until the knock at my door. I know there were things going on and other noises being made until that point, but I was in such a wonderful deep sleep I didn't hear any of it.

So I get up and wrap a sheet around me and answer the door,
Hawkwind's there telling me to call the other team member about something. I agree and come back inside to do so.

My other team member ... I don't want to be as harsh as I'm thinking. But basically they SAW me do things in a certain way the other day - they even commented on it. ALL they had to do was do things in the same order I do it, and I would still be asleep now. So I walk them through the way I do it and they're off and going.

Dammit. I was enjoying that sleep.

Anyway, the good news is that they've got my scripts up and running just fine... Tack on this bit, and we're ready to knock this bitch out. All I have to do when I get to work is find our targets and run. I suspect I may have to do a little more than that, actually... but anyway - that's the idea.

I'd like to knock it out before CNY dinner. However, I'm not about to go in to work early just because I'm now awake.

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