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the return of timing

so I sleep all day. Finally decide to get up and hit the broom.... I'm just starting, and the damn UPS person knocks twice, slaps up the attempted delivery postit, and leaves.

I head back to bed after starting laundry.

Later I get up and showered and such, have some food, then head out to pick up both boxes of DVDs. Intention was to bring them in and look at them, then go get gas. Neither of which happens.

Get into work, and there's a few too many people around. It seems Management Decided that this whole thing Was A Problem, so they needed to Throw Bodies At It. So, for most of the night, I have 3 people hanging around doing nothing... While things actually get done by people on the phone. As usual.

I managed to make a break for it and go out for chinese again. Ordered the steamed dumplings on top of it all, so I had some time to wait. Ended up chatting with the owner for a bit, which was nice.

Had to sit on yet another Director call... BAH. Corpspeak.

At least I had my own things to do, like coding, which I was able to get into the mode for. The real problem is that I'm so worn out, my window with which to get things done nicely and elegently is quite small. I really messed up one of the things I tried... and then tried again another way and that ended up working in the end, but required alot more effort to bring my brain into gear than it should have. Another set of eyes helped.

I have to go in early tomorrow, which I'm not at all thrilled about. I know it's to compensate for the CNY break I'm taking, but damn. For some reason, I have that same break scheduled all weekend. We'll either be done, or I'll be dead. I barely made it through tonight.

I've got leftovers for whenever I wake... Hopefully they will tide me over until CNY.

I've got all these lovely new DVDs and no energy to even go over and take them out of the boxes to look at.

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