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so I check my VM as I'm finishing up... whatever meal it is. Hawkwind says "need you in early, 5:15"... Look at the clock.. 5:10. Call them back and tell them I'm on the way...

Was frustrated that my DVDs hadn't arrived yet. Didn't see the UPS truck as I left, so couldn't try to get them that way.

Get to work, and am notified that testing of the priority one app has been given to the team for that app. I am both amused/relieved by this, and irritated as well. Firstly, since it's now their deal.. they have to deal. It's NBL that they'll get done. OTOH, if they do... they'll take the credit. That pisses me off.

Anyway, the whole night was spent on the phone. Calling about this, and that, and the other. Directors all panicing as usual. Network going down. Etc. It was too much for me at several points. I can't stand that much corpspeak.

I think this all will give me leverage for the plan Rodimus and I talked about the other day. We just need to get it down on paper and present it as ours ASAP after this is over.

I called in an order to Chinese and picked it up just before they clsoed. Put it on my company card, figuring I'd ask later. Hell, it gives me a reason to keep it.

Had to help $ as much as I could, since they're not really into the whole thing. Someone else wrote the scripts, and it's not really their app I don't think. They just haven't had time to figure it all out. We narrowed down their problems, but they had been there all day already.. so I told them exactly what they needed to do in the morning, and they left.

I sent a message to Hawkwind letting them know I was not going to be available for a couple hours on CNY. Might as well stake that out now, since I'll otherwise be expected to work it I'm sure.

Finally got my app up and running correctly... tried to get my last script done, but it was going so slowly and I was fried. I made a couple mistakes, and realized I wasn't going to make it. I did my status report instead. Then I left quietly, since the other team was still on the phone.

Came home to find, as expected, that damn note from UPS on my door. All those lovely HK DVDs are in the closed apt office for a few more hours. Dammit. Same thing will prolly happen with my anime discs, as well. Oh yeah, they sent me a note saying they had 'found FY box 2 in another warehouse' so I get it at sale price. Yay. I was kinda gonna just let that be canceled and preorder the Miyazaki stuff instead. Ah well. I still wanna get that pc demo dvd as well, if I can remember where I stuck the URL for it.

My eyes hurt, my brain is fried, and I'm beat overall.

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