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I had a couple distinct dreams this morning, and one that blended.

Strip Club - Went to some strip club, I think RedneckNinja and Jingoro went with. We get inside, sit down, and I look over to see some old friends and coworkers.

Henry Rollins - Henry comes up to me at the airport, having just gotten into town, and tells me I'm going to have to hang out with him after his show in 2-3 days. We get on a limo/bus and...

Robin Williams - Robin Williams is driving the limo/bus. I sit up near the front and listen to commentary. We drive by an air base and look over at some X-plane on the runway, then Robin pulls some really strange and improbable turns and such with the bus as we head off. Next thing I know, I'm kinda waking up from a short doze and Robin's sitting next to me, mentioning something about taking me home if I'm so beat. I rally, and spend awhile talking and joking with Robin. We crack each other up, and generally have a good time. Then the bus stops, and we get off at someplace - airport or bus terminal. We walk through there in a group, and Robin is giving a tour... He keeps accelerating and losing people. Eventually, there are about 2-3 of us left, and we're losing ground. We see him get into a limo/bus, and follow. For some reason, we get up into the back of the bus to get on, and it starts moving right away. I hear the next stop is my parking garage at work.

Slept most of the day. My HK DVDs should be here today, with most of the anime ones coming tomorrow. For some reason, they split my shipment of anime discs, so I have to wait for the 2nd FY box to come in. PA also now has new Miyazaki titles on pre-order... dammit.

I'm beat.

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