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home: the place where I am not conscious
work: the place where stress builds

I'm spending all my time at one or the other.

Morphine was at work tonight, which was interesting... Kinda nice to have someone else to chat with now and then. We compared hours worked so far this week - I won.

Had Wendy's for.. lunch? dinner? whatever that meal was.

Had to get on a call with Taz somewhere around midnight. I'm pretty much completely apathetic, so I didn't care at all.

Got 1 app done, which is nice.. but 3 more to go. Stupidity prevented more from being done, as usual. I find it amazing how what I email out as status gets twisted when someone speaks it... But hey, if they don't want to read/understand what I wrote... It's not my deal.

I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything personal right now... hard enough trying to keep focused at work - I think my effective time is down to perhaps 4 hours, despite working nearly 3 times that.

I think I'm beginning to understand how people do this sort of thing... It becomes automatic.... You don't sleep because of the stress, so you do things to keep busy since you can't sleep. Of course, the more work you do, the more stress you have...

well, I'm home, so... that means sleep.

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