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I love off hours

Despite the crap and all... I enjoyed the shift in some ways - mostly because it was me and a few other people working without having to involve too many others. We just all did our thing and got shit done.

The other fun thing was getting off work and going to the store... The people there were amusing, and I was one of perhaps 2 customers in the entire place.

I handled the initial status call pretty well, I thought. All the idiotic management crap I dealt with. Had to act quickly at one point to avert a small crisis which would have meant annoyed directors and probably an extended call with them.

I had to go to bat for $, the loaner to our team. They were getting frustrated with a few things, which I had to help them with... and then there was the stupidity of the CC rep. I ended up having to page Hawkwind to the bridge to try to get that resolved. It ended up okay.

Now I get to try to stay awake for a status call... or crash hard. Hmm, which do I think I'll be doing? I'm trying to avoid the drugs, because that just leads to restlessness once they wear off. I've got a whole 12 hours before I have to be back at work.

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