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so I go in to work... Hawkwind was supposed to call if there was a delay. There was a 3 hour delay, and Hawkwind didn't call. So we sat around for 3 hours, doing minimal tasks.

Then the other team started their work... we got a few things done, but there were issues.

I was supposed to leave at 7am, so I was dressed in jeans and such.... I ended up working on issues until 12:30pm, when Hawkwind told me to go home. 10.5 hours from when I arrived.

I had 2 issues left, but I turned them over. Hawkwind wanted me to come back in at 7pm, but I told them if I did that I'd be useless - a warm body. I insisted on a full 9 hours off from work before I returned in order to be useful.

Went to Chinese for lunch with Rodimus, offloaded most of my issues to them. We may work on something to avoid this kind of thing from happening again.

came home, drugged myself, and crashed hard for a few hours... spent the rest in semi-consciouness. Did a little bit of self-hypnosis... couldn't get back to sleep.

Got up, showered, checked out things online... now I'm grabbing a bowl of ramen before I head back into work.

Just checked VM, Hawkwind left a long message ending with "...that'd be great." Welcome to Office Space.

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