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just got home... decided to hang out with the gang, which was amusing. Had to work a bit, but not enough to be bothersome... Tho the calls from the boss were a bit annoying.

Watched Mahou Tsukai Tai disc 2... Then Ranma 1/2 discs 1 and 2. Both of which went over well. Played some SSX Tricky and 0wn3d Rodimus in Columns Crown - of course they had never played it before, so...

Between us, we all drank something like 4 pots of tea... 48 cups or so... I believe we were all floating by the end. It was good, though.. kept me hydrated. The Lemon Chicken Rodimus cooked was tasty, tho it seemed to have a nontrivial impact on my body.

We had some good conversations... S. King books/movies, and uh... stuff. Seems my brain is already starting to shut down for the night.

I was looking through one of Hunny's magazines, and a damn perfume ad popped up which sent me into a fit... Couldn't breathe for a few minutes. I hate that shit. Whatever brand that was, I hope to never encounter it again. I'm pretty sensitive to some of the common ingredients in perfumes/colognes, and it seems that this particular one had a strong mix of many of them.

uhhh.. checked the mail for the first time in several days, and most of my tax stuff came in. Will have to find time to look at it all tomorrow... Also have laundry and cleaning, trash takeout, and other misc tasks... Tho I do have to work as well.

The boss mentioned we'd be busy until Fri, and that they're planning on taking their family out to dinner on Sat. I will have to let them know sometime about my own CNY plans... and the fact that there's a big vp meeting that day I will probably need to attend as well. Doesn't look like I'll be getting much done.

I think if I work 10 hours tomorrow, I'll be able to hit 80 hours for the second week in a row. That should help make my case for any short days or time off I want to take in the next few weeks.

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