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well how about that

slept in.. woke up, checked things out, went back to sleep.

somewhere in there, the boss called... got the message when I woke up. "The entire internal network is down, here's the info number. Looks like we can't do much until it cocmes back up." Hah.

Hmm. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that ex-coworker R dropped by the other day... Evidently they're working a few buildings over and have "core hours" of 8-12 and 1-5 that they HAVE to work. Since they always bring lunch, they have nothing to do for that lunch hour... so they dropped by.

And yesterday Morphine had mentioned Skipper... Lo and behold, who do I see when I walk into Chinese? Skipper themself. Amazing. They had just driven from Indy and were picking up Chinese... just like I do when I make that trip.

I dunno if I mentioned a few weeks back that I chatted with Gheezie for the first time in... 5 years? It was fun, lots of old stuff that I haven't really chatted about in awhile.

I seem to be on a spending spree.. Probably because it's a 3 paycheck month and I know I've got the $. Just gotta be careful not to go overboard. Got one of my CC bills email notice, and it was higher than expected, so... We'll see. Oh yeah, just remembered that each paycheck should also be higher since I'm not taking the flexcare chunk out like I was last year. Good stuff.

Was chatting with Morphine and Hunny and Tigger last night. Some interesting stuff. Morphine made me wanna buy speakers and play more SSX. Tigger just made me wanna go to chitown and hug them. And Hunny made me think.

I need to go have my chinese leftovers for lunch, I've been hungry for over an hour and still sitting here... gotta break that habit sometime.

Looks like dinner at Morphine and Hunny's place with Rodimus and S. Lemon chicken, which I haven't had in awhile. Should be good.

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