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I forgot to do my morning post... again....
Not much to report in it, but I like to keep the habit, of course...

The best news so far today is that HR called and I fly out Mon for the interview(s)... I'm waiting to get an email with details, etc... This is great, they're moving about as fast as I'd dare hope they would.

So with that settled, all I really need is to hear from some friends today about hanging out... Or face the wrath of Chichi later. Actually, Haha told me that Chichi wondered if I was avoiding him... I said no... I'm not avoiding HIM as such... I'm avoiding the conflict.

Anyways, I've had lunch already, and spent the morning vegging on the couch. So I need to get offline to clear the phone in case of calls and get to work on repacking my clothing and such..

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