Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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the good news:
work shift is something like 7pm to 2am starting tomorrow - this should mean shorter hours
I get to sleep in tomorrow
Shaden got a vision phone, and the URLs and such I collected when I got mine are coming in handy yet again
actually spoke to Shaden for a bit, until their phone demanded we stop
this current app I'm testing is close to passing... painfully close
had J's for lunch

the bad news:
I'm prolly gonna be working until 1am tonight
I've got a migraine
talked with the rents this morning, looks like they're going to do a stem cell reset on Chichi
since they're not sure what's going on yet, I won't be going to FL in March
I still have work to do
J's waiter was a fuckwit

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