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I finally have a few minutes to myself. Between coming home and getting on a call atm. I prolly should be working on something else, but I'm taking a little break instead.

Past few days have been pretty intense, work-wise. More long days and nights... Stress... Little sleep.

I took a small break last night long enough to order a few DVDs:
The Duel
Dragon Inn
The Bride with White Hair
The Miracle Fighters
Hand of Death
A Better Tomorrow II
Bullets of Love SE
Psychadelic Cop
Erotic Ghost Story
and the one I'm most excited about, Last Hurrah for Chivalry.

I have no idea when they'll be in... hopefully it will coincide with the end of this project so I can spend a few immersed in them. I'll need a break like that.

I've pretty much put anything else on hold for now, I'll have to deal with it later. I have quite a few things I'd like to do, and no energy/time/motivation to work on them. Partly my fault, I'm sure...

I was able to get fully into work mode for most of the morning, and I got quite a bit done. There's too much left, though. Our other team member just left today on a month long vacation >_<. We got a replacement, but they need to get up to speed.

The rumor is that the emphasis this year is on budget to the detriment of anything else. We're gearing up for full CYA mode, forget anything else. I have to turn in my corporate card... that's something I find to be strange, since I only used it when pre-approved. I'll have to ask RunningBear about it tomorrow - basically whether or not I should cut it, since it's my responsibility.

hmmm.... I know there's more I want to get out, but it's not readily available atm. Props to Hunny, Ankh, and RedneckNinja for their concern.

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