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I've been in that just woke up haze so far... somehow made it to work. I'm not sure why, I know I could have justified staying home. The boss slept in today, which should be some indication of the stress level we're all under.

Called the Idoc, waiting for a return call to see what they want me to do.

Slept horribly last night, tossing and turning... I was actually semi-conscious when the alarm went off.

At this point, I'm going to try to make it through this project and into the dead time between.... No sense quitting now, since I know I'll have it easy for awhile if I can just make it through. It galls me that the boss had to take responsibility for another team's stupidity - the problem is with them, not us. I agree that not being able to get ahold of anyone when there's a burning issue might be a problem. If it were something real, I'd be fine with it. This wasn't. In any case, if we have time to rest, let us take it!

Bah, I suppose I should wander off and see if there's anything useful I can do.

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