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hey, you know what? this fucking sucks

but I'm somewhat more stable...

This week/end has consisted almost entirely of work and my poor attitude towards it. I hit 80 reported hours, and I don't get paid overtime. I've had entirely too much visibility up to the director level, which I always hate having to do. And we're really not any closer to finishing than we were a week ago.

So yeah, I've had another breakdown.. tho I seemed to be able to recoved much more quickly this time. It was intense, but short... Ankh called, and it all hit me... And they proceeded to ask all the wrong questions. Amazingly enough, I held it and told them quietly that I was about to blow - they took the hint and we got off the phone just before I let it go.

RedneckNinja is wonderful... I told them I was on the verge of quitting, and they asked the right few questions about whether or not I'd survive if I did... And then when I mentioned I'd just ride out my lease, drop all my stuff in storage, and leech off my friends - the only question they had was "when you gonna be here?" Perfect.

Shaden and Hunny have also been wonderful, helping to distract me from the crap... And otherwise letting me deal without prying. Dinner on Fri was necessary, and I was very happy to be discussing animation and such with the group - a topic I know something about, and can discuss at length. And, of course, watching live cam is always a good thing.

My eyes are still hurting, I'll probably have to go in to the Idoc tomorrow. It's been over a week, and they haven't gone back to normal yet. I hope I can get them to tell me I need to limit my reading/computer use to 8 hours or less per day. This will force my hours this week back to a reasonable 40 if it happens. I hate to be that way, but I don't how else to handle it.

I've tried to get extra sleep and avoid as much work as possible and rest my eyes the past 2 days, with some little success. Unfortunately, people keep calling and requiring me to work. I think I was able to send the right message to my boss earlier in order to stop some of the crap. I documented some of the idiocies which caused the big escalation yesterday, and showed that the other group was entirely at fault. I fucking hate politics, I don't play well most of the time. When I do, though...

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