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almost there

Today was a variant of yesterday.

Work did not, in fact, manage to avoid sucking. Hayward's for lunch - cheaper than expected, and mostly meat.

I have been attempting to devour the rest of Cryptonomicon since, with a few minor interruptions... Chichi called, wanting a bit of tech support and then to chat. I scrounged for food, which is nearly becoming a critical and arduous task.

The routine I attempted to instill in myself post-crash hasn't taken hold... I lack the self-control/discipline/will to do such since the events of yesterday managed to knock the legs from most of what I'd gained.

I get a general feeling of unease, depression, anger, and sadness from everyone.... RL/virtual friends, family, coworkers, etc... It's not been a good start to the year for anyone, really.

I soak this up, and it consumes me.

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