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I needed today in precisely the same way a 5,000 gallon drum of jet-grade fuel needs an incindeary charge going off in its immediate proximity.

It started with a slight bit of insomnia, easily cured by chatting with Hunnybee about a half-dozen different topics at the same time.

The continuation of this feat was the poor sleep, and becoming instantly awake well before I should have had to contend with such a thing.

Only about half the drivers on the road seemed out to kill me, which wasn't all that bad, really. Kind of gave me hope... False, of course.

I sit down, catch up on emails and statuses and such, lulled into a (false) sense of security and expectation that today Will NOT Suck.

Then it starts... First a trickle... "Oh, we forgot to tell you this"... followed a bit later by "Open a ticket, all we can do is reboot it"... Slowly, it gathered momentum... Before I knew it, I was slammed with "Well, it's not a valid test until we do this - we intended it all along (but never bothered to tell you)," "We need charts and graphs and statistics galore for the execs," "Well, that part is up - but this other one is down," "They have exclusive access for the next hour or two," and "Sorry, I'll have to cancel on lunch again.. how about another day?" in rapid-fire succession.. Like a minigun spraying lethal rounds of morale-sapping and anger-inducement at the rate of 5,000 per minute.

I almost quit. I almost went postal. I almost didn't stop at the red light on the way home for lunch.

But I made it home, had some of my Chinese take out from the previous night, and relaxed with the Cryptonomicon. I was in much better spirits by the time I left to go back into that corporate hell.

It suddenly struck me that I didn't give a shit. And, furthermore, until other people got their asses to move out of my way, I couldn't get a thing done. The boss was stressing a bit, so I went and talked to RunningBear. We worked out what they wanted to see, and I passed it around. Things were okay.

R and I fought to get their script working... We looked up this and that and tried all sorts of things... Then I realized we had just wasted an hour or three, because they misplaced one or two little statements. I couldn't get into my app, so I left.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world...

There is pain and suffering. A feeling of helplessness and... inadequacy. Tempers flare, things are said. A child cries. I stride briskly forward into the darkness, donning the white steel armor as I go. I wade into the mire surrounding them, waiting for the moment to go on the offensive and obliterate the demons plaguing this person that I love. It takes time... But I am patient. There are feints, but I am not taken in. Finally, I detect movement in the shadows - striking precisely, I carve the foul beasts from their fair skin.

They rise, and are able to go on without me. I acquiesce to their wishes, and remove myself.

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