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Work was a bit of pressure. I got some things done, but not quite as much as I'd hoped. It was necessary to take time out to clear up some misunderstandings that resulted from my reality break. Went to Chinese alone for lunch, and discovered that AirIM works fine for ICQ wherever I go.

Discussed the dinner plans that had been established with Hunnybee after work... Decided that I wasn't up to eating mexican, but I should get out and be social. So I used my self-imposed 1 hour ban on computer use after getting home to get a bunch of misc boxes out of the storage room and eat dinner. Once Morphine gave me the (very funny) message, I took the boxes and other trash out and headed to Jalapenos.

Dinner was water and a few chips for me... until Morphine decided to split a pitcher of Newcastle. It was good, and we ended up playing a small game of quarters. Too quickly, we ran out of beer and declined a second pitcher.

After dinner, we headed over to Morphiine and Hunnybee's place. I went home to get my GBA, and was instructed to bring entertainment. I selected the first Ranma, the first Mahou Tsukai Tai, and The Storm Riders. I got there as Morphine was finishing up a dog break.

We sat and chatted, played with the animals, and such. I realized I had left the Ranma disc in my player at home, so we watched Mahou, which went over well... If everyone goes "WTF?!!? is that the whole show?!!" at the end of a disc, I think it's a success.

Followed that with Storm Riders, which ended up being MST3K'd... I'm glad I had already seen it. It was funny, some of the comments that were made. I seem to be one of the few people content to let the story play out on its own... Then again, I tend to watch/like many more asian/foreign films than most of my friends. The verdict was something like "ok, but typical of hk martial arts flicks." I disagree, feeling more that while it had the standards, it went beyond a typical film of the type.

That was pretty much it, I packed my stuff and headed out. Got online at home to read updates, then felt like vegging to the tv. Camped out on the couch, fell asleep... slept well for most of the night before waking up and heading to bed.


Some idiot with a loud vehicle was revving the engine early... before 8am I think... and then a car alarm started going of... bleh, so I got up. Had breakfast, checked online, and went back to sleep. Got up around noon.

I cleaned out more junk today. Spent awhile digging through some boxes - didn't get rid of any, but did manage to fit some inside others. And threw away a bunch of stuff. I've been through this one box several times... Each time, I weed out more stuff to get rid of... This time, I got rid of at least half the stuff. The things I couldn't throw away for sentimental kinds of reasons, I took pics of first. Then I tossed them. I still kept a few things, but not nearly as many.

As I go through and keep paring things down, I'll be able to collect like items together and reduce even further. I also looked at items such as registration cards for anime, and filled them out. They're about ready to send, I just have to put the titles in and some require stamps.

Called Haha because I found a key - wondered if it was the lost one they mentioned a few months back. It wasn't. Ended up letting them talk for 20 mins or so.

Got work done. It's not nearly all done, but I'm to the point I wanted to be yesterday. Still have to go through and clear up some final details, though.

Still have to get out today.. and Exercise, as well. Looks like I'm making fajitas for dinner. A bit more work on things, and I can pretty much veg or whatever the rest of the day.

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