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So I drugged myself to sleep last night. Slept really well until it wore off... Woke up, got up for a drink... Then tried to fall back asleep. Ended up getting up again to try to figure out whose damn car had their alarm going off for an hour or two... Slept in bursts, tossing and turning. Woke up before the alarm, reset it a bit later than I had originally thought I'd try.

Woke up just before the alarm, laid there until it went off... Thought about tagging it, but decided to just get moving instead. Realized I was out of milk, so no cereal.

Got in, and the boss was here. Joy. We discussed things, and I got my assignments for the day.. Nothing much, really. I've got one script recorded, which is an accomplishment - I managed to focus long/well enough to get it done. Lunch plans seem to be up to whatever I wanna do alone.

*tiwddle* *sigh*

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