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I showered a bit ago in order to join humanity... I dunno, it's strange.... I reveled in the laziness for a bit, then got bored. *sigh* can't win.

I'm getting a bit concerned about my degrading brain.... I'm starting to have even worse memory, stuttering, and doing the wrong sequence of events... Little things, but they're bugging me.

last night was fun... I got pretty anxious before, had to call Rodimus to see if they could pick up the meat I forgot at the store - they couldn't, which kinda sucked. I ended up making vegetarian curry, which turned out pretty well.

Gnome brought beer, champagne, and nuts... we all hung out briefly, then DDR started. And the pics.... Had technical difficulties in getting the webcam running correctly, and it was pretty dark. But it worked.

Checked in several times with Morphine, Hunnybee, and Rodimus.. They got a late start for dinner, ended it late, then had some issues with the kid or something that delayed them even further... so 3.5 hours later, they finally showed.

much DDR and drinking and chatting and such... finally got in full swing, and it was fun. No one else showed, which was a bit annoying.... And Morphine was the only one who had any curry, which was also annoying. Then again, I know everyone ate beforehand - and I made the HOT warning... The Beer Pretz I found also went over well. Ah well, I'm genetically disposed to obsessing over hosting duties and such.

Rodimus and family left first... then Gnome and family awhile later - tho not after a few familial challenges on DDR took place. Gnome ended up getting an S on one of the Disney songs. Morphine and Hunnybee stayed, as per usual formula, to chat for awhile more... But they were really beat from the crazy trip they made, and left to crash.

I did a few things before crashing myself, mostly turning stuff off and prepping for sleeping in. Woke up at the usual early time, but was able to get back to sleep.

I should start going back to the work schedule, to make monday easier... but wth, I'm off until then, right?

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