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unexpected adventures

So I get home from Chinese, and my neighbor is outside.... I walk up after I park to find out they're locked out of their apartment. I invite them in, rummage around for the apt office number, and they call the after-hours line.

We sit and chat, they keep getting calls from relatives and such... They've got Cingular >_< awful plan, awful service.... Keep complaining that they're using up all their minutes.

Anyway, the person comes by to let us know they're headed to the office to get a key, and my neighbor relaxes quite a bit... We start chatting, and I get the distinct impression they were subtly trying to get me to ask them out. Kinda funny, since I had already been thinking of doing so.

So, unfortunately, they didn't stay the night... But they may stop by the NYE party - which should be fun ^_^

Got a call from Ankh wondering if I knew anything about Morphine and Hunnybee - I informed them of the online updates I had been getting thru LJ and SMS. Sent an SMS to Hunnybee to let them know Ankh was concerned. Ankh got off with me when they called, so all should be fine.

Needless to say, cleaning has not been completed... and I'm thinking it's not going to be tonight. Have to rush around like a madperson tomorrow instead. Also have to find time to get to the store for supplies....

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